Sunday, March 31, 2024

Virt-manager && Deploying KVM Guests in UEFI mode on AlmaLinux 9.3

The main purpose of this post is to demonstrate that the cockpit.service is not required for deploying KVM guests in UEFI mode on AlmaLinux 9.3, which has binary-compatibility with RHEL. Linux bridge for VMs has been installed via nmcli to avoid any involvement of cockpit.service. See for detailis  Everything works on AlmaLinux 9.3 as on openSUSE Tumbleweed. KVM Setup on AlmaLinux 9.(X) follows standard guide lines.

When installing virt-manager, the presence of the Cockpit web console becomes optional. It's a good idea to have Cockpit Web Console installed, but it's not required. The presence of edk2-ovmf is required. We have the same situation with Tumbleweed, Ubuntu 22.04, Debian12.(X), Manjaro Linux 23.1.3

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