Thursday, May 21, 2020

Why wait for Linux Mint Ulyana rather then install Cinnamon Desktop on native Ubuntu 20.04 ?

That is a tutorial how  to install Cinnamon Desktop as an alternative desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Desktop or Server Linux.  Provided  as simple slide show

You would have run just one command

$ sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

   Tested on bare metal as well


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Install Transmission with web interface on CentOS 8.1

Transmission by default doesn’t have the web client enabled in it. However, the packages with the same names as on Debian based system are available via system repositories and  would work for you on CentOS 8.X Servers and Fedora 32 Servers and WKS. 

There could be many reasons why you might want to have Transmission web interface. One of these is when your office doesn’t allow access to torrents but you still wish to download them with only one intend to get the job done as soon as possible. 

$ sudo dnf install transmission-gtk transmission-cli \
   transmission-common transmission-daemon
$ sudo systemctl start transmission-daemon
$ sudo systemctl enable transmission-daemon
$ sudo systemctl status transmission-daemon

Tune configuration files have been created as follows
1. ~boris/.config/transmission/settings.json

2. /var/lib/transmission/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

 After the very first update :-
 $ sudo systemctl reload transmission-daemon

 Since then no more updates would be required for
 mentioned two settings.json files  even between the 
 cold system reboots  

   Make sure downloaded via torrents ISO images are located as expected 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Install Transmission with web interface on UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04

UPDATE 05/11/2020
  If you would set "rpc-authentication-required": false 
  The only  one entry "rpc-password" which gets updated
  upon reboot wouldn't be longer important and
  correspondingly patching of settings.json under  
 /etc/transmission-daemon  wouldn't be needed any more.
 Otherwise, check any "howto" kind of
There could be many reasons why you might want to have Transmission web interface. One of these is when your office doesn’t allow access to torrents but you still wish to download them with only one intend to get the job done as soon as possible.
Procedure works stable on Ubuntu 20.04 only when 
/etc/transmission-daemon/setting.json gets manually updated
after every reboot, otherwise, i.e. when attempting to use soft link ,
only works every time. Actually, patching and reloading
transmission-daemon might be placed /etc/rc.local.

$ sudo apt-get install transmission-gtk transmission-cli \
   transmission-common \
$ sudo usermod -a -G debian-transmission boris
$ sudo chgrp -R debian-transmission /home/boris/Downloads/
$ sudo chmod -R 775 /home/boris/Downloads/

If your box is connected to LAN via linux-bridge
$ sudo apt install bridge-utils
Now start transmission-daemon 
$ sudo systemctl start transmission-daemon
UPDATE /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json
 "download-dir": "/home/boris/Downloads",
 "rpc-enabled": true,
 "rpc-host-whitelist": "",
 "rpc-host-whitelist-enabled": true,
 "rpc-password": "passwrd",
"rpc-port": 9091,
"rpc-url": "/transmission/",
"rpc-username": "",
"rpc-whitelist": ", *.*.*.*",

Now reload transmission-daemon to keep updates safe
$ sudo systemctl reload transmission-daemon

   Connection to 9091 via

   Runtime snapshot on bare metal

Install transmission on Ubuntu DDE Remix 20.04 just for fun

Why for fun ?  Due to ability install advanced torrent clients like ktorrent or qbittorrent via traditional - $ sudo apt install qbittorrent
We intend to run :-

GTK-Critical warning is expected due to obvious reasons.
Then "Dock" transmission icon to application bar and you are all    set with transmission on Ubuntu DDE

Monday, May 4, 2020

Just another KVM setup on Deepin 20 Beta

  I've  made installation on bare metal and have to notice that after system reboot during major system load obtained several times "Tainted warning" from 5.3 kernel and consequently failure to boot up system, however finally after cold shutdown something inside instance started to work properly but once again boot up time seems to be too much versus Fedora 32, easily installing DDE as second desktop environment, booting up speed is extremely slow. I realize that compete with with RH's system couldn't be easy for Debian based clone kind of Deepin 20
  Sequence of steps and bridge network configuration on Deepin 20 beta following in general Debian Buster guidelines.

 Installing "Virtualization Server"  
Now install required packages :-
$ sudo apt -y install qemu-kvm \
    libvirt-daemon bridge-utils \
    virtinst libvirt-daemon-system
$ sudo apt -y install libguestfs-tools \
   libosinfo-bin  qemu-system virt-manager
Load "virt-host" and update /etc/modules. 
$ sudo modprobe vhost_net 
$ lsmod | grep vhost
vhost_net              24576  0
tun                    49152   1 vhost_net
vhost                  49152  1 vhost_net
tap                    28672    1 vhost_net
$ echo vhost_net | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
At this point create bridge br1 exactly as 
on native Debian Buster 10.3
root@boris-pc:~# cd /etc/network
root@boris-pc:/etc/network# cat interfaces
    source-directory /etc/network/interfaces.d

root@boris-pc:/etc/network# cd interfaces.d
root@boris-pc:/etc/network/interfaces.d# cat br1
  #Primary network interface(enp3s0)
  auto enp2s0
  iface en2s0 inet manual
  #Configure bridge and give it a static ip
  auto br1
  iface br1 inet static
        bridge_ports enp2s0
        bridge_stp off
        bridge_fd 0
        bridge_maxwait 0

Reboot the box

 Attempting to deploy Debian 10.3 via minimal CD ISO

Virsh monitoring works fine

Attempting to deploy Ubuntu 20.04 via local ISO image

  I have to notice as Deepin 20 beta works pretty slow (performing 
  same tasks ) versus Fedora 32 WKS and even Ubuntu Focal Fossa
  on the same hardware.
  Randomly happens at booting up :-

Straight forward install Deepin Desktop on development instance Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome

Update 05/09/2020
Since Ubuntu DDE Remix 20.04 release (05/06) procedure bellow
will affect Gnome Desktop and hence shouldn't be used
UbuntuDDE is a Remix flavor of Ubuntu system with Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) . Its initial release will be UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04 focal based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and will be supported by the UbuntuDDE community.
Originally referenced here (Official PPA for Ubuntu DDE Remix)
First add the PPA 
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openarun/dde-dev
$ sudo apt update
Install required packages
sudo apt-get install ubuntudde-*
$ sudo reboot

   Switch back to Gnome