Thursday, July 2, 2020

Install KVM && Web Cockpit Console on SparkyLinux 2020.6

The core target of deployment below is to create KVM guest on SparkyLinux 2020.06 Virthost attached to external office LAN rather then to default libvirt network. As bridge creating and KVM deployment tool Web Cockpit Console was selected.

Install KVM
 $ sudo apt install qemu-kvm  libvirt-daemon bridge-utils \
         virtinst libvirt-daemon-system -y
 $ sudo apt install virt-top libguestfs-tools libosinfo-bin \
       qemu-system virt-manager -y
 $  sudo modprobe vhost_net 
 $  lsmod | grep vhost
 $  echo vhost_net | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
 $  sudo reboot

  It's nice to have virt-manager installed ( Spice console ) but presence of Web Cockpit Console is quite enough to manage guest's deployment via clicking  button "Remote Virt-viewer"  built into Cockpit Web Console. Bridge attached to external network interface was also created pretty  smoothly utilizing network management section inside Web Console.

 Install Web Cockpit Console
 $  sudo apt install install cockpit cockpit-machines
 $  sudo apt install cockpit cockpit-machines
 $  sudo systemctl start cockpit.socket
 $  sudo systemctl enable cockpit.socket

 Tuning firewall
 $  sudo apt install firewalld
 $  sudo firewall-cmd --add-service=cockpit --permanent
 $  sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Console login prompt

    Network bridge setup has been done

    Remote virt-viewer session (VNC) started via Web Console

  KVM guest is up and running

   Guest has been shutdown

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