Thursday, July 23, 2020

Enable UEFI Support For KVM Virtual Machines on F32 Server via Web Cockpit Console

The major target of posting below is supposed to demonstrate that virt-manager is not required to enable UEFI support for KVM Guest on Linux . See recent post at Lxer Enable UEFI Support For KVM Virtual Machines In Linux
First - don't specify "Start immediately" and switch Firmware to "UEFI" been inside Web Cockpit Console 

   When Firmware has been set to "UEFI"  start "INSTALL". UEFI Console will be brought up immediately and you can proceed as usual

 Now we are ready proceed with net boot installation CentOS 8.2 KVM on UEFI box.
Installation  completed

   Reboot KVM guest as requered

UEFI support for Manjaro 20.0.3 KVM Guest

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