Friday, June 5, 2020

Install Gnome 3.36 on top of Linux Lite 5.0 via snapd daemon

Dropping Snap support on Linux Mint 20 forces me to consider Linux Lite 5.0 as a preferred choice of light weight clone for Ubuntu 20.04. Snapd daemon could be installed on Linux Lite 5.0 with no issues. Snap avoids dependency problem by incorporating the application and its libraries into a single package, afterwards been installed and mounted on a SquashFS virtual file system. When you run a snap, you're running it inside a secured container of its own. 
So Gnome 3 Desktop installation might be done via "sudo snap install" as quite straight forward procedure.
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install snapd 
$ reboot
At this point system should automatically enable all of the systemd services on Linux Lite 5.0 that Snapd needs to function properly.

$ sudo snap install gnome-3-34-1804
$ sudo apt install gnome
$ reboot 
$ sudo snap refresh
$ reboot
Please, see for details of snap refresh policy
I've also placed two links into references to make my point of view as clear as possible.

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