Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Debian Testing UEFI setup on bare metal via manual partitioning

 Even though snaps show was created in VENV, everything works the same way on bare metal. I intentionally  use network installer rather then Live one with Calamaris

 After you created the new partition of desired size installer brings you to screen which allows to redefine functionality of partition  and assign name to folder supposed to be mounted on this partition . In case name of folder is not on the list you can create new folder's name manually , for instance "/boot/efi" is not on the list and might be created by hands and accepted by installer as desired name of folder to mount 512 MB EFI partition , this type of partition is on the list of features for partitions.

Here we select KDE as preferred GUI environment Debian Testing (Bullseye) instance supposed to be brought up.

Verification of `df -Th` output



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