Friday, November 27, 2020

Install KDE Plasma on SparkyLinux GameOver 08/11 2020

At the time of writing KDE Plasma install  on any SparkyLinux 2020.09 might be committed via GDM3 installation right after KDE Plasma ( the last one via tasksel or CLI ) due to after system reboot GDM seems to be the only one DM on Sparky detecting previously installed KDE.

Roll forward Sparky Linux up to current repositories state.

1. Run taskel installing 

* Debian Desktop environment

* KDE Plasma

2. Run

$ sudo apt install gdm3 -y

During installation set gdm3 as default DM . This is the only one DM detecting presence of previously installed KDE Plasma in meantime. Reboot and select option "plasma" via clicking on gear in right down corner of login screen 

Another screenshot

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