Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Setting up Fedora 33 beta L1&&L2 KVM guests all seating on the same office LAN

Following below verifies Fedora 33 beta L1 Guest ability to perform KVM deployment Fedora 33 beta L2 Guest inside itself .

Deployment is based on bridge to virtual interface of L1 F33 beta guest ( rather then NAT ) due to L1 guest has been deployed on external office network , L2 Guest also appears to be set up on the same external network. Server Fedora 32  (bare metal) has been placed on office LAN via Cockpit Web Console. On L1 Fedora 33 beta Guest we have manually set up bridge br01 via nmcli CLI. 

Creatining bridge br01 on F33 Beta L1 KVM Guest
$ nmcli connection add ifname br01 type bridge con-name br01
$ nmcli connection add type bridge-slave ifname  enp1s0 master br01
$ sudo nmcli con modify br01 bridge.stp no
$ sudo reboot
Bridge br01 to virtual network interface has been created.

Now deploying F33 Beta L2 Guest via shared device br01
F33 Beta L2 Guest has been deployed

Surfing the Net from F33 Beta L2 Guest . Taskbar at the bottom of snapshot belongs to Server Fedora 32 (bare metal) with Deepin desktop as administrative console

Connection via ssh from office LAN to F33 Beta L2 KVM Guest


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